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This table lists all quests located in Frozen Paradise related to All Quests Crunn.

# Quest NPC Name Location Notes
1 Gathering Firewood Terfoo Freezing Lab
2 Goblin's Fishing Rod Terfoo Freezing Lab
3 Strong Against the Cold [Botanist] Botany Freezing Lab
4 Frostproof Potion [Botanist] Botany Freezing Lab
5 Grinder's New Attitude [Sentry] Atiriel Fang Town
6 Icicle Grinder's Threat [Sentry] Atiriel Fang Town
7 Icepick Grinder's Threat [Sentry] Atiriel Fang Town
8 Icecap Flower [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
9 Cold Crystal [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
10 Cold Resistant Grass [Botanist] Botany Freezing Lab
11 Turning Tides [Botanist] Botany Freezing Lab
11.1 Reporting Status Terfoo Freezing Lab
12 Goblin's Tree Terfoo Freezing Lab
13 Goblin's Bait Terfoo Freezing Lab
14 Breaking Away [Sentry] Atiriel Fang Town
15 Truth Telling Potion [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
16 Tools for Breaking [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
17 Bowls to Contain Fragments [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
18 Stolen Memory 1 [Steward] Wolburn Fang Town
19 A Fearsome Wizard [Prisoner] Captured Grinder Fang Town
20 Snowin's Call for Help [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
21 Behind the Wilderness [Researcher] Bomer Fang Town
22 Stolen Memory 2 [Steward] Wolburn Fang Town
23 Icepick Boss Pururu's Staff [Steward] Wolburn Fang Town Careful he's "Elite".
24 Wind Crystal [Steward] Wolburn Fang Town
25 Recalled Memory [Steward] Wolburn Fang Town
26 Trolls Ready to Attack [Sentry] Grewne Mane Camp
27 Alcoholic Winter [Sentry] Grewne Mane Camp
28 Dropping Temperatures [Climatologist] Snowin Mane Camp
29 Trolls and Snowfield Vines [Climatologist] Snowin Mane Camp
30 Rummaging the Troll boxes [Climatologist] Snowin Mane Camp
31 Tracking Temperatures [Climatologist] Snowin Mane Camp
32 Eliminate the Troll Clan Leader [Sentry] Grewne Mane Camp
33 The Ice Tail Wolf Clan is behind all of this? [Climatologist] Snowin Mane Camp
34 Snowin's Letter [Climatologist] Snowin Mane Camp
35 Lesson Learned [Sentry] Lewg Razor Wind Town
36 Ice Troop's Strategy [Sentry] Lewg Razor Wind Town
37 Retrieving Food [Sentry] Lewg Razor Wind Town
38 Collect Leather Ternadel Razor Wind Town
39 Soften the Leather Ternadel Razor Wind Town
40 Ice Troop's Teeth Charms [Researcher] Rosy Razor Wind Town
41 Eliminate Flank [Sentry] Lewg Razor Wind Town
42 Legacy Secrets [Descendant of Great Wolf] Wolfon Razor Wind Town
43 Meet Respons Ternadel Razor Wind Town
44 Dagger's Secret 1 [Wizard] Adeloo Icicle Camp
45 Old Jar Betre Icicle Camp
46 Saving a Wounded Friend [Sentry] Palesian Icicle Camp
47 Troll Control [Sentry] Palesian Icicle Camp
48 Dangerous Snowballs [Sentry] Respons Icicle Camp
49 Troll Club [Sentry] Respons Icicle Camp
50 Ghostly Engagement Ring Sway Mountain East of Razor Wind Town
51 Ghost's Relics Sway Mountain East of Razor Wind Town
52 Burning Clubs [Sentry] Respons Icicle Camp
53 Finishing off the Trolls [Sentry] Respons Icicle Camp
54 Dagger's Secret 2 [Wizard] Adeloo Icicle Camp
55 Dagger's Secret 3 [Wizard] Adeloo Icicle Camp
56 Yeti's Threat [Sentry] Mets Razor's Edge Outpost
57 Nightmare Bloocksuck [Sentry] Mets Razor's Edge Outpost
58 Find Acorns Scratz Razor's Edge Outpost
59 For a Fistful of Acorns Scratz Razor's Edge Outpost
60 Sturdy Heart [Archaelogist] Umer Razor's Edge Outpost
61 Tear Plant [Researcher] Leanne Razor's Edge Outpost
62 Different Yetis [Researcher] Leanne Razor's Edge Outpost
63 Normal Silfund Cocoon [Researcher] Leanne Razor's Edge Outpost
64 Stitches for the Soil [Botanist] Horsebeard Razor's Edge Outpost
65 Ominous Rumors [Sentry] Mets Razor's Edge Outpost
66 Suspicious Methods [Botanist] Horsebeard Razor's Edge Outpost
67 Wounded Land [Crunn Commander] Sey Razor's Edge Outpost PVP area.
68 Eliminate the Azuni [Crunn Commander] Mesa Wounded Land
69 Obtain Strategy Document [Crunn Commander] Mesa Wounded Land
70 Destroy Azuni Food Boxes [Crunn Commander] Mesa Wounded Land
71 Leaving the Wounded Land [Crunn Commander] Mesa Wounded Land
72 Removing Silfund's Threats [Sentry] Mets Razor's Edge Outpost
73 Adjusted Skin [Archaelogist] Umer Razor's Edge Outpost
74 Strange Backgrounds [Archaelogist] Umer Razor's Edge Outpost
75 Other News [Sentry] Mets Razor's Edge Outpost
76 Orcan's Strange Leather Pouch [Researcher] Selogor Cold Mirror Town
77 Where the Wind Blows [Researcher] Selogor Cold Mirror Town
78 Hand of Salvation [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
79 Bringing Back the Weapons [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
80 Destroy Orcan's Foods [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
81 Orcan's Strange Brazier [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
82 Orcan Sorcerer's Chills [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
83 To Frost Lake [Sentry] Mets Razor's Edge Outpost
84 Scout Out of Control [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
85 Orcan's Mutated Device [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
86 Eliminate Mutated Orcans [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost Viewing quest says "Mutated Steel Fin Sorcerers" though it is the "Mutated Orcan Sorcerer".
87 Dissolve the Alliance Between the Orcans and the Tigris [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
88 Dagger's Secret 4 [Researcher] Bethelen Blackgap Outpost
89 Luma's Weapon [Sentry] Luma West of Blackgap Outpost
90 Device Activator [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
91 Dagger's Secret 5 [Researcher] Bethelen Blackgap Outpost
92 Dangerous Wind Pouch [Researcher] Selogor Cold Mirror Town
93 Cold Winds [Researcher] Selogor Cold Mirror Town
94 Orcan's Documents [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
95 Strange Movements in the South [Sentry] Urgos Cold Mirror Town
96 Luma's Escape [Sentry] Luma West of Blackgap Outpost
97 Orcan's Crest [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
98 Calling for Rage [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
99 Study Crevices [Researcher] Sarod Blackgap Outpost
100 Dagger's Secret 6 [Researcher] Bethelen Blackgap Outpost
101 For Whome the Bell Tolls [Researcher] Bethelen Blackgap Outpost
102 Double-bladed Sword [Researcher] Bethelen Blackgap Outpost
103 Into the Crevices [Researcher] Sarod Blackgap Outpost
104 Growing Rage [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
105 Signs in Yeti Town [Sentry] Colin Blackgap Outpost
106 Evidence of Subordination [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp
107 Find Icevenom plants [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp
108 Expensive Yeti Leather [Merchant] Linger Clawed Camp
109 A Valuable Frost Crystal [Merchant] Linger Clawed Camp
110 Expensive Yeti Ice [Merchant] Linger Clawed Camp
111 Symbol or Request [Merchant] Linger Clawed Camp
112 Deadly to Yetis [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp
113 Yeti Commands [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp
114 Unknown Codes [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp Teleport to Bandiluna.
115 Cruel Methods [Noble Enchanter] Adela Bandiluna West side of circle.

Teleport to Clawed Camp.

116 Find the Betrayer [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp
117 Find the Betrayer 2 Terncott North of Clawed Camp
118 Dangerous Glacier Canyon [Sentry] Heleki Clawed Camp
119 Materials for Whetstones [Sentry] Teruhark Frost Valley Town
120 Rampaging Chimeras [Sentry] Teruhark Frost Valley Town
121 Giving Condolences [Sentry] Teruhark Frost Valley Town
122 Punishment Tassadur Frost Valley Town
123 Overcoming Crisis Tassadur Frost Valley Town
124 Ingredients for Repair Tassadur Frost Valley Town
125 Actual Attacks [Inspection Unit] Hasrig Frost Valley Town
126 Calming Chimeras [Sentry] Teruhark Frost Valley Town
127 Greetings to Wolfon [Inspection Unit] Hasrig Frost Valley Town
128 Three Eyed Echid [Sentry] Teruhark Frost Valley Town
129 Countermeasures, Chop Off the Head [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
130 Exhaution [Sentry] Reffda Lighthouse Outpost
131 Destroy The Food Boxes Lighthouse Outpost Lighthouse Outpost
132 Ice Troop's Weapons Lighthouse Outpost Lighthouse Outpost
133 Eliminate Ice Troop's Warriors Lighthouse Outpost Lighthouse Outpost
134 Strange Icy Topmbstone [Researcher] Herusai Lighthouse Outpost Teleport to Bandiluna.
135 Brawny Ice Troop [Herbalist] Medi Lighthouse Outpost
136 Super Strong Ice Troop [Herbalist] Medi Lighthouse Outpost
137 Mix with Meat [Sentry] Reffda Lighthouse Outpost
138 Commander Sirark [Sentry] Reffda Lighthouse Outpost
139 Countermeasure, A Head in the Sack [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
140 Countermeasures, Steal War Drums [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
141 Countermeasures, Cut Off the Wolf Clan's Hands [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
142 Sick Sibling Aemu Lighthouse Outpost
143 Recovery Charms Aemu Lighthouse Outpost
144 Disassembling Weapons [Sentry] Reffda Lighthouse Outpost
145 Countermeasures, Hand Sack [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
146 Countermeasures, Steal Horn Pipes [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
147 Countermeasures, The War Drums [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
148 The Last Countermeasure [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
149 Alienating Measures, Blow Horn Pipes [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
150 Post in Danger [Inspection Unit] Irmu Lighthouse Outpost
151 Deliver Strategy Documents [Sentry] Teruhark Frost Valley Town
152 Materials of Destruction [Noble Enchanter] Adela Bandiluna Teleport to Lighthouse Outpost.
153 Destroy the Icy Tombstones [Researcher] Herusai Lighthouse Outpost
154 Read Minds [Researcher] Herusai Lighthouse Outpost
155 The Mind Behind the Tombstone [Researcher] Herusai Lighthouse Outpost
156 Uncommon Blizzard [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
157 Frostpick Wolf [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
158 Save Some Time [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
159 The Wolf Clan's War-Cry [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
160 Normal Destroy Siege Weapons [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
161 Nightmare Frost Prevention [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
162 To Ruined Moonlight Plains [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp Make sure you are ready for next area!

Teleport to Ruined Moonlight Plains.

163 Way to Frore Castle [Descendant of Raging Wolf] Wolfon Snow Thunder Camp
164 Destroy the Blizzard Machine [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
165 Luring Weeps [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
166 Windslash Shakia [Sentry Leader] Elsurion Snow Thunder Camp
167 Destroy the Cooling Machine [Descendant of Raging Wolf] Wolfon Razor Wind Town
168 Between Revenge and Justice 1 [Descendant of Raging Wolf] Wolfon Razor Wind Town
169 Between Revenge and Justice 2 [Descendant of Raging Wolf] Wolfon Razor Wind Town
170 Between Revenge and Justice 3 [Descendant of Raging Wolf] Wolfon Razor Wind Town

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