Winning conditionsEdit

1. The fastest team to reach the target number of points in the time limit wins.

-> Points increase while occupying a Sacred Relic.

2. If nobody reaches the required point target, the battle ends in a draw.

Participation restrictionsEdit

There are no restrictions (all players can participate)

How to participateEdit

Players can enter through the Skirmish matching.

Participation checkEdit

When it’s time to enter, a window asking for participation pops up for players that have "Automatically Enter" checked

Battle areaEdit

Players are moved to the designated map

Start locationEdit

Different start locations for each faction

Total number of relicsEdit

3 Sacred Relics are scattered around the map.

How to occupy a relicEdit

If a player double left-clicks or right-clicks on the relic, a casting bar will appear and when it completes, that faction will occupy the Sacred Relic.

Points earned for occupying a relicEdit

During the time a Sacred Relic is occupied, this faction earns "occupying points" every 5 seconds

Occupation statusEdit

Shows which faction occupies which relics

Death penaltyEdit

Not applicable for battleground.

-> No experience penalty or durability penalty is applied.

Respawn locationEdit

Players respawn at the starting location.

Leaving battleground during battleEdit

Players are returned to the locations they were at before entering the battleground.

Red Tear Land · Valley of Cries · Aquila Arena