Wraith Valley
Wraith Valley
Wraith Valley artwork
Location Stardust Land
Level 52
Difficulty Normal, Nightmare, Hell

It seems that the original population of Wraith Valley was completely decimated, and Galia’s deranged followers have staged public executions, hanging many of the inhabitants. They left behind a river of blood and giant flesh-eating maggots...

Now the valley is being held by some of Galia’s most battle-hardened lieutenants, together with their henchmen.


Entrances to the dungeon can be found in the north-east and south-west of Stardust Land.



Dungeon Locations
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Crunn Territory: Bloodrose Farm · Ention’s Sanctuary · Frozen Caves · Frost Wolf Castle · Harpy’s Paradise · Stormbreak Castle · Warriors' Shrine · Volcanic Caves · Underground Garden of Light · Wraith Valley

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